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Ideological Structure

1. Core philosophyWanda Group's core philosophy is "International Wanda, Centennial Business". International is in implication of the company's size, management and global reach. Centennial enterprise stands for the company's pursuit of long term and sustainable growth.

2. Company mission"Charitable wealth, common prosperity"

3. Core valuesSocial value is the most important value.

Main Characteristics

1. Dare to InnovateDaring to innovate is intertwined in Wanda's culture. Having the courage to speak out and try new things is embedded in our DNA. Wanda was the first company in China to undergo urban reformation projects and the first real estate company to develop cross-regionally. Wanda was also the first real estate company in China to completely shift direction to commercial real estate as well as the first company to invest heavily in the cultural industry. Wanda Culture Industry Group has grown to become China's largest cultural enterprise since its founding.

2. Commitment to IntegrityA strong commitment to integrity has been a key part of Wanda's culture.The Minzheng Street district, which was Wanda's first development in Dalian in 1990, became North Eastern China's first superior quality residential development. In 1996, Wanda pioneered the "3 promises" initiative, aimed at ensuring protection of consumer rights. In 2002, Wanda developed the Taiyuan Street Wanda Plaza in Shenyang. The initial retail spaces that Wanda sold to consumers performed much worse than anticipated. Wanda then decided to buy back all sold retail spaces. In addition to refunding sellers the purchase price of each retail space, the additional interest was also taken into account and refunded. News of the events in Shenyang spread nationally and was seen as a landmark event in terms of showing Wanda's integrity.

3. Taking the Lead in Sustainable DevelopmentWanda Group is one of China's pioneer advocates of sustainable building construction, harboring a strong commitment to promoting green building in many of its projects.Every Wanda Plaza and Wanda five star hotel adheres to national star energy standards. Since the design and operating Green Building standard was introduced by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural development in 2009, most beneficiaries of these awards was Wanda plaza's and Wanda five star hotels.

4. Valuing EmployeesWanda recognizes human capital has the company's core asset. Wanda invests billions of yuan per year on employee training. Wanda has invested 700 million yuan to build a state-of-the-art training center in Langfang, Hebei Province. All Wanda companies are equipped with cafeterias, which provide 3 daily meals to all staff. Wanda selects and awards a handful of outstanding employees with an all-expenses paid vacation across China.

5. Keen Focus on PhilanthropySince it was established, Wanda Group has donated over 3.2 billion yuan to various charitable causes and is recognized as China's largest private charitable donor. Wanda is the only company to have received the China Charity Award 7 times.Wanda also champions the idea of "giving back to the community" and requires each employee to undergo at least one day of public service per year.

6. Commitment to ExcellenceWanda is ambitious in its vision, demanding only the highest workplace standards, and striving to create masterpiece with each and every one of its projects. If Wanda enters an industry, it won't stop until it becomes a domestic leader and strives to become a world leader. Wanda is the world's largest theatre chain operator, the world's second largest real estate company and the world's biggest owner of five star hotels.

7. Strong ExecutionStrong execution is Wanda's prominent characteristic.Before deciding to invest, Wanda conduct rigorous assessment and due-diligence, followed by extensive planning. During the process of project development, a modularized form of management and control is implemented to ensure costs and cash flow stay within the scope of control throughout the project lifecycle. Wanda uses a system of penalty and reward. Wanda awards achievement and penalizes poor performance.

8. Keeping Tradition AliveWanda pays particular importance to keeping traditional Chinese culture alive in its business. In 2005, Wanda Group made "Analects of Confucius" required reading for all Wanda employees. Wanda has frequently hired experts on corporate etiquette to conduct seminars in improving workplace etiquette. Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin began collecting Chinese calligraphy a long time ago and holds an exhibition every year to support the developing of outstanding artists.

Institutional Structure

This includes annual plan, year-end summary, budget and trainings with evaluation. Wanda Group companies all have at least one corporate culture messenger, ensuring that the corporate message is consistently spread on a group wide level.

Cultural Message Carriers

Wanda has ten means of broadcasting their cultural message:

1. A comprehensive media publicity platform. This includes our group website, Wanda monthly magazine, daily mobile news edition, elevator news and mobile APPs.

2. An annual set of internal publications. This includes the Wanda Group annual photo album, an annual report on corporate social responsibility, a Wanda stories edition and Wanda speeches edition.

3. Each employee is required to read one book recommended by Wang Jianlin per year.

4. A companywide speech contest is staged every year, with speech topics being selected in relation to the Chairman's annual book recommendation. Contestants are chosen across the entire Wanda Group framework and an ultimate winner crowned.

5. An employees' talent show is staged each year, with employees competing in the following categories: calligraphy, painting, sculpture, singing, dance etc.

6. Each employee is required to participate in community service at least once a year.

7. An annual sports meeting is staged every year, which includes football, basketball, badminton, ping pong and other events.

8. A pilgrimage trip to some of China's harshest and poorest regions once a year.

9. A handful of outstanding employees are selected every year and sent on an all-expenses paid trip in China.

10. Organize year-end companywide celebration. 400 employees from across the organization are selected to perform at the annual party.