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Since its founding, Wanda Group has created more than one million jobs, more than any other Chinese company. In 2014, Wanda Plazas added 146,000 jobs to the country's service sector, of which 42,468 were for university graduates. These two figures both account for about 1% of the nationwide figures.


Wanda Group hired 13,655 new employees, including 7,251 university graduates in 2014.As of December 31, 2014, the group had 112,700 employees, of which the average age was 30.2 and only 32 employees over the age of 50.


Each Wanda Plaza creates a large number of service sector jobs. The Jinan Weijiazhuang Wanda

Plaza created 10,591 jobs. The Fuzhou Financial Street Wanda Plaza created 8,433 jobs.


Wanda Group holds campus recruiting events every year at China’s most prestigious universities. Wanda's recruitment programs have become increasingly influential in recent years. Last year's program successfully placed close to 1,000 new employees into Wanda. Campus recruitment has become an integral component of Wanda's human resources team building.