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E-commerce is a rapidly growing and emerging sector for Wanda Group. It includes two businesses: Wanda E-commerce and 99bill.

Wanda E-commerce

Through its joint venture with Tencent and Baidu, Wanda plans to invest 20 billion yuan over five years into developing an O2O e-commerce model and building the world's largest O2O e-commerce company.

Wanda E-commerce Wanda E-commerce

Wanda Group owns the world's largest offline shopping channel and has tens of thousands of partner merchants. Annual foot traffic to the company's Wanda Plazas reached 1.5 billion in 2014 and is on track to hit 6 billion by 2020. Wanda E-commerce is developing an O2O platform through its partnership with Tencent and Baidu.

O2O trading platform O2O trading platform

O2O trading platform Wanda E-commerce’s O2O platform will span nine areas including film, parenting, dining, shopping, entertainment, leisure, tourism, lifestyle and finance. Wanda is also developing a range of 15 “smart services”. Smart services such as “Smart Cinema”, “Smart Dining” and “Smart Show” will connect online users with offline retailers.

Huge member base Huge member base

Huge member base Wanda E-commerce’s member base is currently over 100 million users strong. The company aims to grow this into China’s largest, most loyal and most active base of members.

Big Data Big Data

Big Data Wanda E-commerce will extract large amounts of data from its database in a bid to better understand customer needs while providing data warehousing, data reports and business intelligence to retailers.

General Integral Alliance General Integral Alliance

General Integral Alliance Wanda E-commerce’s ultimate goal is to build the nation's largest cross industry accumulated currency platform.

Cloud computing platform Cloud computing platform

Cloud computing platform Wanda E-commerce is building China’s largest cloud computing data center to provide stable and effective support for its own business, as well as providing cloud computing services to other companies.