Indoor Theme Parks

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Indoor theme parks will be built inside Wanda Mall developments across China. Each park will feature a one of a kind design and be suitable for visiting at any time of the year.

Qingdao Indoor Theme Park has the world's only custom-made high-speed roller coaster.

Nanchang Indoor Marine Park was designed by TVSA, a well-known American design firm, and South Korea-based Hanwha Group is tasked with managing the facility. It is the world's largest and most innovative marine park.

Hefei Indoor Water Park offers the latest in water rides, including a wave pool, water tornado, large water slide and flood ring.

The Ha'erbin Indoor Ski Resort features six ski runs of differing gradients. The longest of these runs for 550 meters with an 80 meter vertical drop. Big enough for 3,000 skiers to use simultaneously, this is the world's largest indoor ski resort.